Our client’s Samsung Washer’s door was not sealing properly. Whenever they tried running a load the washer would leak water. They needed to replace the door gasket for the washer. These homeowners called us for help and we were able to book them in for an appointment within an hour of calling.

When we came in to inspect the unit we noticed that the door gasket had been worn out significantly. One of the main causes of a worn out door gasket is an overloaded washer. Clothes that press up against the door can cause the gasket to deteriorate over time. Thankfully we carried the correct door gasket for this model of washer on hand and were able to replace it on the same day.

A white Samsung Dryer that had just been repaired by ASAP Appliance Repair. We had the flexible duct replaced.
Door Gasket part for Samsung Dryer.
Replacing the door gasket of the LG dryer in Vancouver
Repairing the tumbling drum of the Samsung Dryer in Vancouver for our client.

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