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Same-day repair services of different types of refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, beverage centers, ice makers, and espresso machines. Look no further – we will repair your commercial appliance in no time. Book a technician today!

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Get Your Commercial Appliance Fixed ASAP!

If you’re a business owner in Vancouver, you know that keeping your commercial appliances in top shape is crucial. That’s where ASAP Appliance Repair comes in. We’re experts at freezer repair, fridge repair, and ice cream maker repair – and we’re here to help keep your business running smoothly. We understand that when your commercial appliances break down, it can be a major inconvenience.

That’s why we offer fast, reliable service that will get your appliances up and running in no time. Plus, our competitive prices mean that you won’t have to break the bank to get the quality repairs you need. Call ASAP Appliance Repair today!

Walk-In Freezer Repair

Many businesses rely on walk-in freezers, including restaurants and grocery stores. In addition to preserving food, they are a big asset to business owners. It is, however, possible for walk-in freezers to develop problems that need to be fixed to keep them functioning properly.

If you’re in need of walk-in freezer repair, chances are you’re dealing with a condenser coil issue. The condenser coil is responsible for cooling the refrigerant in your appliance, and if it’s not functioning properly, your appliance will overheat and eventually break down. Another common issue with walk-in freezers is an evaporator coil problem. The evaporator coil is responsible for evaporating the refrigerant in your appliance, and if it’s not functioning properly, your appliance will not be able to cool properly.

Walk in Freezer Repair Vancouver

Reach-In Freezer Repair

Commercial reach-in freezers are designed to store large quantities of food, making them an essential piece of equipment for many businesses. If your commercial freezer breaks down or needs maintenance, you need a reliable company that can provide fast and affordable appliance repair service.

Reach In Freezer Repair Vancouver

Display Fridge Repair

Display fridges are a vital part of many businesses, from supermarkets to convenience stores. They help keep food and drink items fresh and cool, and can be a valuable selling point for customers. However, display fridges can sometimes develop problems that need to be fixed in order to keep them running properly.

If the display glass that is cracked or damaged, the coils that are not working properly, or the condenser unit that needs to be cleaned or replaced- ASAP Appliance Repair can help. We are experienced in repairing commercial display fridges, and can quickly diagnose and fix any issues that you may be experiencing. So whether you need new display glass, coils, or a cleaned/replaced condenser unit, we can help!

Display Fridge Repair Vancouver

Beverage Cooler Repair

If you’re a business owner in Vancouver, you know how important it is to keep your beverage coolers in top working condition. After all, a broken cooler can mean lost revenue and unhappy customers.

Some of the most common problems we see with beverage coolers include:

  • Leaking water or condensation inside the cooler
  • The cooler not maintaining a consistent temperature
  • The cooler not turning on or staying on
  • Strange noises coming from the cooler

Luckily, ASAP Appliance Repair is here to help. We’re experts at repairing commercial beverage coolers, and we can quickly diagnose and fix any issues you may be having.

Beverage Cooler Repair in Vancouver

Ice Cream Machine Repair

At ASAP Appliance Repair, we understand the importance of keeping your business up and running, which is why we offer fast and reliable ice cream machine repair services. Some common issues that our customers experience with their ice cream machines include:

  • Ice cream not being dispensed properly
  • Ice cream not being cold enough
  • Machines not turning on
  • Strange noises coming from the machine

If you are experiencing any of these problems, or any other issues with your ice cream machine, then please do not hesitate to contact us!

Ice Cream Machine Repair Vancouver

Ice Machine Repair

If you are a business in Vancouver that uses an ice machine, it’s important to know how to keep it running smoothly. Here are some common issues with ice machines:

  • Ice machines can get clogged with ice, preventing proper operation
  • The water supply to the ice machine can become frozen, causing the machine to stop working
  • The evaporator coils in the ice machine can become dirty, causing the machine to not produce enough ice
  • The ice machine may stop working if the air filter is dirty
  • If the ice machine is not level, it can cause problems with the machine’s operation

Please don’t hesitate to contact ASAP Appliance Repair for assistance.

Ice Machine Repair Vancouver

Refrigerated Prep Table Repair

These tables are essential for keeping food and beverages cold, but they can also be susceptible to a number of issues. Here are some of the most common problems that can occur with refrigerated prep tables:

  • The compressor isn’t working properly.
  • The evaporator coils are dirty.
  • The doors aren’t sealing properly.

ASAP Appliance Repair is ready to handle any major issues with your refrigeration prep station.

Refrigerated Prep Table Repair Vancouver

Commercial Ice Cream Roll Table

Ice cream roll tables are an essential piece of equipment for many businesses in the food and beverage industry. These refrigerated counters allow businesses to quickly and easily serve up their most popular ice cream products, including frozen yogurt, gelato, and soft-serve ice cream. However, if your commercial ice cream roll table is not functioning properly, it can be very frustrating for you and your customers.

Some common issues with commercial ice cream roll tables include:

  • Low or inconsistent temperatures
  • Poor drainage
  • Dirty or stained surfaces
  • Damaged or broken parts

If you are having any problems with your commercial ice cream roll table, call ASAP Appliance Repair today.

Commercial Ice Cream Roll Table Repair

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Fast repair, very responsive and fair price.
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They are reliable and very honest people. Everything is noted down and immediate. They handle the repairs efficiently.
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Good Service
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Alex was very nice and professional. Service was very quick. Would definitely use this company again.
Rachel K
Many choices out there and I've used a bunch but I will stick with Alex from ASAP Appliance Repair going forward. Thank you for being patient and professional. Alex wore a mask and shoe booties (didn't even need to tell him to). He told me it could've been a pump that would've been pricey to replace, but when he found the culprit, which was just a loose piece that needed to be snapped back in place, he was done and didn't charge me for the full labour cost. Even showed me the filter that I can wash twice a year to avoid costly repairs down the road. I would highly recommend him!
Jane Moriarty
THank you so much it took two other companies ot come leaving my dishwasher not fixed.
Mark Fletcher
Would 100% use him again, professional, great price, and got it done quickly !

ASAP Appliance Repair is your one-stop shop for Vancouver appliance repair. We're a family-owned and operated business, and we take pride in our reputation for quality workmanship and customer service.

We offer a wide range of services, from refrigerator repair to washing machine repair, so we're sure to have something to meet your needs.

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Commercial Appliance Repair FAQs

How much does Commercial Appliance Repair cost?

The price of Commercial Appliance Repair varies. The cost will always depend on the issue that needs to be repaired, the model of the Commercial Appliance, and the parts that are needed.

This depends on the total cost of the repair versus the cost of a new Commercial Appliance. If the cost of the repair is higher than the value of the Commercial Appliance, it would not be worth it to continue with the repair. A service technician can help you determine if it is worth repairing.

There are a couple reasons why your Commercial Appliance might not be cooling. Double check to make sure your Commercial Appliance is getting power. The vents can also be blocked, so check to see if there is any dust or debris you can clean away from the vents. You should also check to see if the door is sealing properly, if it is not, this can cause the cool air to escape the Commercial Appliance. If your Commercial Appliance is not cooling properly, it could also be a problem with the compressor.

Refrigerator door condensation
Frost on freezer coils
It’s dark in the freezer
There is a difference in temperature between the refrigerator and the freezer
The freezer doesn’t cool
A clicking noise is heard from the freezer
Frost only occurs on top shelves
Compressor in Commercial Appliance is hot
Ice won’t come out of ice maker
Ice maker is not creating ice
Freon needs to be recharged

Fan in Commercial Appliance is not working
Humming sounds coming from Commercial Appliance
Refrigerator is making noises
Water is leaking inside the Commercial Appliance
Problems with refrigerator defrost drain
Food in the Commercial Appliance is frozen
Ice maker in refrigerator doesn’t work
Temp in refrigerator is too low
Water leaking from the Commercial Appliance
Lighting on the Commercial Appliance is out
It’s too warm in the Commercial Appliance
The Commercial Appliance is full of frost
Commercial Appliance will not stop running
Water dispenser is not working