We firmly believe our local skilled technicians are not just competent enough to handle residential fixes but are also proficient in handling commercial repairs without a hassle. If you’re in Vancouver and looking for a warranty based commercial appliance repair service, you can contact us for SAME DAY APPLIANCE REPAIR.

What types of commercial appliance repairs do we offer?

We successfully tackled a commercial fridge repair job. Our dedicated local appliance repair technicians, based in Vancouver, recently fixed the commercial fridge’s defrost system issues. This involved replacing two parts: the thermosensor and the defrost timer assembly. Below, you can find detailed information about this repair.

One of our technicians conducted thorough maintenance and cleaning on the commercial drain system, ensuring the fridge functions at its best. Our efficient repair process took only 4 hours to complete. We are happy to share that our customer was highly satisfied with the service. On top of that he left a wonderful review on Google, which matters a lot to us. We warmly appreciate his effort in sharing his positive experience with us.

If you need any commercial appliance repair service, count on us. We are here to keep your appliances running smoothly and your business thriving.

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How to Fix a Non-Responsive Commercial Fridge?

If a commercial fridge is not responding well, consider these steps for a quick fix, ensuring uninterrupted daily business operations.

  1. Check Power Supply: Ensure it’s properly plugged in.
  2. Temperature Settings: Adjust correctly for optimal performance.
  3. Inspect for Blockages: Clear vents and coils for proper airflow.
  4. Maintain Cleanliness: Avoid spills to prevent odors and issues.
  5. Clean Coils: Regularly clean condenser and evaporator coils.
  6. Check Door Seals: Ensure seals are intact to maintain temperature.
  7. Professional Help: Seek technicians for complex issues.
  8. Regular Maintenance: Schedule routine checks for longevity.

Fix Your Branded Commercial Fridge

As a company, we take pride in making sure the job is done right and on time.