Our client in Vancouver called to inquire about repairing their broken LG stove, which had been out of service for a week. We were able to book an appointment with them to take a look, just thirty minutes after our call.

Based on what our client described, we already had a good idea of what the problem was and came prepared with the correct tools to fix it. The dials used to adjust the temperature settings on the stove were broken. After closely inspecting the unit, we discovered that the temperature knobs were not only broken but were also covered in grease. We removed the knobs and cleaned the grease off of the stove with detergent. Once the unit was fully cleaned, we were able to install the new temperature knobs.

After the repair, the stove was back to its full functionality and our client was extremely happy with our fast and professional service. If you are also facing problems with your stove, give ASAP Appliance Repair a call, so we can help you solve it.

LG Stove Dial Replacement in Vancouver

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