Our client in Vancouver was having difficulties with their LG Stove. The dials used to adjust the temperature settings on the stove were broken, which left them without a stove that was functioning correctly for a week. They called us to see if there was anything we could do for them. We were able to schedule an appointment for them within half an hour of calling!

When we got to the residence we inspected the unit and discovered that the temperature knobs were not only broken, but were covered in grease. We removed the knobs and cleaned the grease off of the stove with detergent. Once the unit was fully cleaned down, our goal was to install the new temperature knobs. We carry generic parts of major appliances on all service trips- and we had temperature knobs that fit onto this stove. To verify that everything was working correctly- we turned on the stove and examined the burners to see if the heat would adjust accordingly.

LG Stove Dial Replacement in Vancouver

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