Our client in Pitt Meadows was experiencing issues with their Bosch dishwasher, which would continually leak water between washes. After they reached out to us, we were able to schedule an appointment for their repair within 3 hours.

Upon arrival, we inspected the unit thoroughly to see if there was any cosmetic damage that was causing the leakage. Typically, a worn-out door gasket can cause water to leak through the machine. After running a test cycle we confirmed that the door gasket was not the issue. We inspected the water inlet valve and verified that the issue was coming from this faulty component. We ordered a new water inlet valve for this model and had it delivered to our client’s home within a week. Once we replaced the faulty water inlet valve with the new one, we ran a test cycle to confirm that the unit was working effectively.

If you are experiencing a similar issue with your dishwasher, give us a call so we can help.

Bosch Washer Inlet Valve Replacement

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